GlamWhite Tooth Polishing & Whitening Kit

Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $129.99.

The Dental Polisher provides an easy-to-use plaque removal and tooth whitening regime. The kit helps keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, eliminating build up of plaque and tartar and removes stubborn stains and discolouration. The kit contains a Teeth Whitening Pen (22% carbamide peroxide) to improve the results. The Teeth Polishing & Whitening Kit comes in a handsome, high quality container.

This kit includes:
• 1 x Tooth Polisher
• 2 x polishing paste made in the USA
• 2 x rubber cups (one interdental)
• 1 x Mouth Mirror
• 1 x Dental Pick
• 1 x Cheek Retractor
• 1 x Whitening Pen with 22% carbamide peroxide (made in the USA)

(batteries not included)