We’re a young, fresh teeth whitening brand from Vancouver, Washington and we want to make you shine bright and laugh more! Because let’s face it… You’re awesome!

Here at GlamWhite, we’re all about a more confident you. Until recently, the best way to whiten your teeth was to get a professional laser whitening treatment by a dentist; however, these tend to be expensive and cause a lot of tooth sensitivity. Another option was to get “the bleaching trays” from your dentist, which is also expensive and can take 2 weeks or longer to get the results you want and often causes tooth sensitivity as well.

Our formulation is highly shelf-stable, yet it starts whitening much quicker than any other gel in the market, almost immediately upon being applied to the teeth. This means that you only need to wear the gel from half an hour to an hour per application. We have 2 versions of the gel: 1) Fast, and 2) Turbo. Our standard kit comes with the Fast gel, and the Elite version comes with the Turbo gel, which means that with the Elite kit you only need to wear the gel for 30 minutes, and you usually see results after the first application

Visit our shop to view our teeth whitening kits, products and accessories. Each product was designed with results and comfort in mind, based on years of bleaching experience of our dental partner and our manufacturer.

What are the benefits of whitening my teeth at home? Guaranteed Results. If you want to obtain that Hollywood smile without paying what the stars pay for their beautiful white teeth, GlamWhite is the most practical solution available today.

What are some of the benefits of whitening my teeth?” Affordable Results. Our teeth whitening gels are manufactured in the US with natural and organic ingredients and were formulated in conjunction with a respected cosmetic dentist recognized as a bleaching expert.

We believe life is all about a healthy balance of working hard, looking after yourself, and having funso let us help you make happy happen!

We love big bright smiles and we want to help you get yours on fleek! As the leading manufacturer and supplier of teeth whitening products in the USA, we consider ourselves the experts of beautiful smiles. We are registered with the FDA. Our products are made in the USA and Cruelty Free. We stand behind our products and strive to offer first class customer service. We are dedicated to helping you reach your smile goals and are here to help—so sing out if you need a hand, feel free to contact us! View our FAQ in our Support Portal (link in menu) and reach out to one of our representatives!