Touch-Up Pen

GlamWhite, touch up pen
  • Powerful Whitening
  • Easy to Apply
  • Dentist Approved
  • Maintains Your White Smile

At Home or On-the-Go

I'm a perfectionist, so when I got involved with GlamWhite we agreed that my name would only be used if we managed to create a bleaching gel that was far superior to everything in the market. I'm Dr. Christian Yaste.

Not feeling the party? You will – once you experience the dazzling power of the GlamWhite Touch Up Pen! In just 2 to 10 days, you could have a smile so white you can't wait to show it off.

Our natural, dental grade whitening gel has been specially-formulated to deliver maximum whitening power – on the go – without causing tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. You will not find a more effective teeth whitening pen anywhere.

It's so easy to use – just paint on your teeth and go on about your usual business while our natural GlamWhite gel goes to work to gently and dramatically whiten your smile. Nothing to it! We even include a shade guide and a comfortable cheek retractor for optional use. The shade guide shows you how many shades of whitening you obtained and the flexible cheek retractor just makes it easier to keep the gel on your teeth.

For maximum whitening, apply treatments within 12 hours of each other.



  • Safe and effective
  • Guaranteed results
  • Easy to use
  • Delicious-tasting
  • Sleek pen design fits in the smallest pocket or purse
  • Formulated for sensitive teeth
  • Up to 15 applications
  • Dentist-designed, approved, used and recommended
    that's all you need to know!
  • Natural dental grade bleaching gel
  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Made in USA

Kit Contents:

  • 2mL whitening gel in a sleekly styled pen
  • Shade guide
  • Flexible cheek retractor
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