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Until recently, the best way to whiten your teeth was to get a professional laser whitening treatment by a dentist; however, these tend to be expensive and cause a lot of tooth sensitivity. Another option was to get "the bleaching trays" from your dentist, which is also expensive and can take 2 weeks or longer to get the results you want and often causes tooth sensitivity as well.

Thanks to Dr. Christian Yaste and GlamWhite, now it's easy to get professional teeth whitening results from the comfort of your own home. Dr. Yaste has performed thousands of teeth whitening treatments with professional products such as Zoom, and he has tried different home whitening systems on a similar number of patients. He is one of the foremost experts on teeth whitening and even trains other dental practices on the best way to run a bleaching service.

"I recently purchased one of your kits. Even though the initial led sent with the kit did not work, you all replaced it promptly. I am very pleased with your product and would like to inquire how I may get your offer for the monthly gel for $7.95. Can you help me? I have been recommending your product to everyone who asks me about my teeth. Thank you."

April 12th, 2013 | Rick S. | USA

It should be no wonder then that when we partnered with Dr. Yaste and our highly regarded gel manufacturing lab we managed to come up with something that dental professionals consider the vanguard of home teeth whitening. Home whitening gel needs to be highly stable because you never know how long it will be before the patient uses the gel or finishes using it. This means that, once applied to the teeth, the gel takes a long time to act and why you usually have to wear the gel for a few hours a day or even overnight. Well, no more!

Our formulation is highly shelf-stable, yet it starts whitening much quicker than any other gel in the market, almost immediately upon being applied to the teeth. This means that you only need to wear the gel from half an hour to an hour per application. We have 2 versions of the gel: 1) Fast, and 2) Turbo. Our standard kit comes with the Fast gel, and the Elite version comes with the Turbo gel, which means that with the Elite kit you only need to wear the gel for 30 minutes, and you usually see results after the first application.

"My husband and I love Glam White, it really has worked for us. I quit smoking 7 months ago. The day I quit I said I was going to get my teeth whitened after 6 months. We found your product and it has been amazing. My dentist wanted to charge me $600 for the service. I said no thank you!!"

September 6th, 2012 | Benita T. | California | USA

An effective teeth whitening treatment will last around one year on the average person, but in order to continue extending the results touch-ups are highly recommended. These can take place with a touch-up pen (included in the Elite kit) or by getting new gel to use in the same trays that came with your kit.

Remineralizing gel is recommended after bleaching treatments as this replenishes minerals lost over time and during the treatment. This seals the pores in the enamel and therefore extends the whitening results longer by protecting the dentin from future stains.

"Hi guys! First of all, I would like to compliment the product. I only used it twice, and my teeth are sooo much whiter! And that was about 3 weeks ago! I was skeptical, but this is the real deal."

May 16, 2013 | Sierra S. | USA
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